Rob Veenhof


CERN office: 2-R-25, phone: + 41 22 76 73222. Home phone number: + 33 4 50421784. Please contact me by electronic mail.

Currently working for RD51 and Uludağ university.

Walking and Skiing

Walking and skiing plans. A translation table of some common Alpine terms, the etymology of some names of places in the Alps, and a list of abbreviations.

Time tables for Swiss public transport, French trains and international trains. TPG busses (search connections, summary for TPG line 9 and TPG/SNCF line Y), the busses on the TER line Bellegarde-St Genis-Gex, buses in Rhônes-Alpes. Various European national mapping agencies, Swiss maps in electronic format, a list of the Swiss maps, Austrian maps in electronic format, French maps in electronic format. Measuring distances and slopes on maps. Puzzles of the Swiss cantons and their flags, and of various countries. Distances inside Switzerland by road. All about the GPS system.

Swiss avalanche bulletin (also in German, in French and in Italian) from the SLF. Regional bulletins for the Valais Central, Bas-Valais + Alpes Vaudoises, the Haut-Valais and for the Berner Oberland. Swiss current snow level, percentage, 3-day sum and fresh snow maps. Stability with explanations. Haute Savoie avalanche bulletin, from Météo France, and the equivalents of the SLF, CEN and ANENA. Italian avalanche bulletin (details for Aosta).

Swiss weather forecasts (from the NZZ, also from the SMA, the DRS and the TSR) and radar images (from the NZZ, view showing most of Europe). General French weather forecasts, Chamonix weather and state of routes in the Mt Blanc region. Today's photos of a couple of Swiss resorts. French piste bulletins. Hours of day light and the phases of the moon.


Current wind in Port Vidoli. Wind forecast in Switzerland. Isobars over Europe, 5-day weather charts, animated. CERN sailing club, YCC.


WWW access to the Garfield help pages, an overview of recent changes, and the source files. The Magboltz program is written and maintained by Steve Biagi. Igor Smirnov wrote and maintains the Heed program.

PhD thesis

My PhD thesis on low mass muon pair production in 450 GeV p-Be collisions, the di-muon mass, transverse momentum, rapidity and di-muon-photon mass spectra, the paper on the Helios/I di-lepton results.


A collection of recipes. Restaurant 2 at CERN.

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